We are 127 associated farmers in the Andean South Agroindustrial Cooperative Caminaca Ltda. Located in the surroundings of Lake Titicaca, the cradle of quinoa, in Peru. We are small producers of Andean grains but together we grow big and we can offer 400 tons of quinoa per year.

We work in the Peruvian high plateau at more than 3800 m.a.s.l., we sow, harvest and till the land as thousands of years ago our parents who instilled in us the way to grow quinoa.

This is our inheritance, we know how to cultivate quinoa to obtain from the strength of the earth the best quinoa in Peru.

We have our Andean grain processing plant in which we process quinoa and its derivatives, under the advice of engineers and food technicians who help us obtain quality products, respecting Good Manufacturing Practices and the environment.